Bertrand Denzler


Félicie Bazelaire – double bass

Bertrand Denzler – tenor saxophone



Félicie Bazelaire - double bass

Bertrand Denzler – tenor saxophone

Léo Dupleix – computer and resonators


Since 2016, under the name The Lair, Félicie Bazelaire and Bertrand Denzler perform an evolving duo piece conceived by Félicie Bazelaire where they play looped, strechted and superimposed melodies.

In 2017, they met Léo Dupleix to perform «Mada» by Taku Sugimoto.

Since then, in addition to The Lair, they also play as a trio with Léo Dupleix, working collectivly on form and structure within an improvised context.

With these projects they have played in Switzerland, France and Germany, e.g. at festivals and venues/series like Hors Norme (Le Pont), Kunsthaus Aussersihl (Zurich), Insub (Geneva), 26 Chaises (Paris) or Tiasci (Paris).


The three musicians have also played «La perpetuidad del esbozo #2» by Santiago Astaburuaga in a quintet with Cristiàn Alvear and Cyprien Busolini.

Bertrand Denzler has composed pieces for Félicie Bazelaire’s string ensemble CoÔ, as well as a series of pieces for Félicie Bazelaire’s double bass solo (alonside compositions by Patricia Boshard and D’Incise).

Félicie Bazelaire and Bertrand Denzler are both members of Onceim and have played together in Ensemble ReRe, Ignaz Schick’s Nomon Ensemble and as a quartet with Diatribes (Cyril Bondi and D’Incise).



B. Denzler, Félicie Bazelaire «Basse Seule» Confront Recordings (2018)



Félicie Bazelaire

Léo Dupleix