Bertrand Denzler

RECENT COLLABORATIONS in addition to the projects listed


Duo concert with Dominic Lash


Duo concert with Andrew Lafkas


Duo concerts with Silvan Schmid


Trio concert with Frantz Loriot and Christian Wolfarth


Trio recording and concert  with Cyril Bondi and D’Incise, pieces by the musicians


Trio concert with Xavier Lopez and Alexander Markvart


Quartet concert with Sébastien Beliah, Xavier Charles and Mike Majkowski


«Echoes and Sirens» concert with Diatribes, Raphaël Ortis and Horns (B. Denzler, P.-A. Badaroux, L. Laurain, F. Fourneyron)


Duo and trio concerts with Miguel A. Garcia and Ilia Belorukov


Quintet concert with Cristián Alvear, Félicie Bazelaire, Cyprien Busolini and Léo Dupleix, playing «La perpetuidad del esbozo #2» by Santiago Astaburuaga


Solo recording for the project «IMstrument» by Tomaž Grom


Duo concerts with Ignaz Schick


Concerts with Franz Hautzinger and guests


Trio performance with Jean-Luc Guionnet and Stéphane Rives, playing «Les Déplacements» by Matthieu Saladin


Concerts with Patricia Bosshard and members of the Saint Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra led by Dmitry Shubin


Quintet performance with Rhodri Davies, Xavier Charles, Lina Lapelyte and Xavier Veilhan


Octet concerts with Jacques Demierre, Regina Dürig, Christian Kobi, Christian Müller, Dorothea Schürch, Michael Thieke and Big Zis, playing «Ephemer» by Ch. Kobi and Ch. Müller


Duo concert with Arnaud Rivière


Nonet concert with Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, Félicie Bazelaire, Alexandre Bellanger, Frédéric Blondy, Arden Day, Antonin Gerbal, Louis Laurain and Ignaz Schick playing «Nomon» by I. Schick


Duo concerts with Jonas Kocher