Bertrand Denzler


Frédéric Blondy – piano

Bertrand Denzler – tenor saxophone

Jean-Luc Guionnet – alto saxophone

Jean-Sébastien Mariage – electric guitar

Edward Perraud – percussion


Since 1999, Hubbub has played dozens of concerts in France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Serbia, USA, Canada, Brasil and Colombia.

For some concerts, the group has collaborated with musicians such as Juan David Castaño, Jamie Coleman, Ross Lambert, John Lely, Sebastian Lexer, Dan Warburton, Seymour Wright.

Hubbub’s first tour was organized by Instants Chavirés.


Festivals, Series and Venues (selection)

Confort Moderne (Poitiers), Antichambre/s (Paris), UTADEO (Bogotà), Matik Matik (Bogotà), Musica Estranha (Sao Paulo), Atelier Tampon (Paris), Hors Norme (Le Pont), Zwei Tage Zeit (Zurich), Eglise Saint-Merry (Paris), Pied Nu (Le Havre), Exploratorium (Berlin), Akouphène/Cave12 (Geneva), Café Oto (London), La Triennale (Paris), Other Jazz/Café du Soleil (Saignelégier), Le Petit Faucheux (Tours), As Alike As Trees (London), Kaleidophon (Ulrichsberg), Muzzix/Crime (Lille), Ring Ring (Belgrade), Territoire Sonore (Pau), Météo (Mulhouse), A L’Improviste/Radio-France (Paris), Jazz em Agosto/Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon), MAMCS (Strasbourg), Rue du Nord (Lausanne), La Spirale (Fribourg), Petit Théâtre Mercelis (Brussels), Goldsmiths College (London), Fragment (Metz), Instants Chavirés (Montreuil), Pannonica (Nantes), Deep Listening Space (Kingston NY), Flywheel (Easthampton MA), Goethe Institut (Toronto ON), FIMAV (Victoriaville QC), Musiques de Création (Jonquière QC), NPAI (Parthenay), Jazz à Luz (Luz-Saint-Sauveur), Luisances (Brest), Fruits de Mhère (Brassy), Freedom of the City (London), GMEA (Albi), Densités (Fresnes-en-Woëvre), Chants Mécaniques (Tourcoing), CCAM (Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy)



Hubbub «Whobub» Matchless Recordings (2011)

Hubbub + C. Atksin «Densités/Phalènes» Œ dans l’O – DVD with two films by Clotilde Aksin (2007)

Hubbub «Hoib» Matchless Recordings (2004)

Hubbub «Hoop Whoop» Matchless Recordings (2003)

Hubbub «Ub/Abu» For 4 Ears (2001)







They are about as “tight” a group as can probably be found in this vague area of improvisation right now, featuring five musicians who are each thoroughly experienced and skilled with their selected instruments, but also seem to play and think together with exceptional harmony. The music they make just all seems to flow together with incredible ease. It does, in fact, often sound composed.

– Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear


Imagine the opening fanfare of Strauss’s Thus Spake Zarathustra slowed down so it takes a year to play. A similar feeling of weightless anticipation can be found in the longform improvisations generated by this Franco-Swiss quintet. Using the quotidian line-up of piano, saxophones, guitar and drums they build a tectonically slow electroacoustic billow of low drones, fragile harmonics, and ringing metallic scrapes, that feels like it’s constantly on the verge of doing something decisive. In this state of heightened suspense, a small, nakedly acoustic sound such as a single piano note or the sigh of a gently struck cymbal becomes a preternaturally significant event, like a quiet tap at the window terrifying a nervy Edgar Allan Poe character. The subtle addition of gently melodious gongs on the second CD imparts a ritual solemnity that suggests Taj Mahal Travelers sheltering from the rain in Theater Of Eternal Music.

– Daniel Spicer, The Wire


Playing second, after a break, the Hubbub set was enthralling, as the five consolidated different tones and textures in such a way that the quintet became a 10-handed organism that breathed as one.

– Ken Waxman, The Live Music Report


Extra-cool stuff. Weird shit these guys can do with guitar, sax, piano and percussion.

– Mor,


Un territoire abyssal radicalement riche et excitant où se déploie une musique égalitaire et sensible, un monde où les oppositions entre écriture et improvisation, entre soliste et accompagnement, n’ont plus de sens et sont abolies, intégrées et dépassées. Une musique minimaliste, concentrée, complexe, sensible, profonde, neuve et belle qui touche profondément l’auditeur au-delà de toute raison, qui atteint notre être au-delà de notre humanité: une musique vivante et cosmique.

– Julien Heraud, Improv-sphere


Le jour quatre débute par une révélation : le groupe français Hubbub qui présenta une prestation acoustique à couper le souffle… Sans prétention, le groupe aura peut-être été le plus étonnant de tous. Une musique fragile et intense à la fois. – Eric Normand, JazzoSphère

Avec ces musiciens, tout est espace, respiration, poussées et ressacs… Il suffit de respirer dans cette texture sonore, de suivre la dérive des continents, de retrouver la pulsation qui fait que l’univers est un espace qui prend de l’expansion à une vitesse foudroyante. La musique est cet espace avant tout, une prise de possession.

– Yvon Paré, Le Quotidien


The strength of the ensemble is the organic progression they give to the music thanks to a clear knowledge and understanding of each other’s sounds and territories. The sounds are bound together by their pitch, texture or role in the music and they evolve together. The image of a mutation came to my mind. It’s difficult to hear the same thing twice as the evolution is continuous and almost ungraspable; you are taken in the flow. – Olivier Rodriguez, Resonance Magazine

One’s overall impression is, however, of the submission of individual egos to the greater aim of collective music-making. This is hugely successful, as it so often is in improvised music, and it feels rather odd, listening to this music, to refer to it was quintet improvisation at all. Improvisation it certainly is, and of an extremely good sort, ever-evolving but never feeling sketchy or out of ideas.

– Richard Cochrane, Musings


The players maintain an uncanny control over the direction of their improvisations; there’s so much to listen to here, it’s a wonder there are only five members in this collective. An intriguing record, and wonderfully executed. – Richard di Santo,

Probably one of the most fascinating aspects of this almost 55-minute slab of collective improvisation is that it was created almost exclusively on acoustic instruments. Despite jazzers’ broadening knowledge of the textures now available from the flick of a switch, the placement of a wire or a keyboard movement, it appears that the only item plugged in on this session was the electric guitar. The Hubbubers prove that acoustic brouhaha can be just as convincing as the electric variety — if not more so — and have created a remarkable auditory soundscape with this disc.

– Ken Waxman, Jazzweekly


The music flows, builds and ebs. pitches. drones. swatches of sound. etheral and resonant. not a single uncessary note is played. A quintet using saxes, piano, amplified guitar, jaleika, percussion. Mostly the instruments remain recognizable, but work together to create the feel of one giant instrument. Timbres and attacks change across all of the instruments simitaneously, as a giant canvas reveals itself before your ears. A great recording. – Jeff Surak, Vital Weekly

Hubbub, the adventurous European improvisational collective, shatters genre barriers in this marvelous new session. At first glance, the instrumentation appears straightforward, but just a few moments into the first piece, Ub, it becomes apparent that the form and content are anything but that. From the perceived abstractions emerges an order more profound than just soloist and rhythm section.

– James D. Armstrong, Jr., Jazznow