Bertrand Denzler


Bertrand Denzler – tenor saxophone

Hans Koch – bass clarinet


Swiss musicians Bertrand Denzler and Hans Koch first met in 1996 to work on a Butch Morris Conduction, and started to play as a duo in 1999. Since then, they have performed in Switzerland, France, USA, Canada and Slovenia.

They have also played together in different other groupings with Günter Müller and Jacques Widmer, Chamæleo Vulgaris, Fabian Kuratli, Hans-Peter Pfammatter and Norbert Pfammatter, and as a trio with Gaudenz Badrutt.



Denzler-Koch « Asymétries » Ambiances Magnétiques (2003)



Hans Koch




Long wheezing exhalations, rapid juddering, birdlike trills and chirrups, gaseous pops, purring and rasps have displaced the sounds of the centre ground. Dialogue occurs nonetheless as statements interlock and overlap, cryptic yet clearly and tightly shaped.

– Julian Cowley, The Wire


The adventurous nature of this work makes it difficult terrain for most, but those who choose to really listen, and give time to understanding these works, will be rewarded with a truly sublime experience.

– Dave Madden, Spendidzine


The music is never random as Denzler & Koch make each sound with precision, utilizing space and silence as additional sonic material for exploration. I believe this CD will appeal to fans of microsound and field recordings, as the music avoids the beaten paths of free improv. All in all a very cool cd.

– Jeff Surak, Vital Weekly,


La créativité et le niveau d’écoute entre les deux improvisateurs captiveront quiconque se donne la peine d’écouter avec l’esprit ouvert.

– François Couture, Ici